Tribute to Thomas Berry: who Understands the Sacredness of the scientific story, who helped the Natural World become present to me and who shows and feels Compassion for the Human Situation and for that of the Community of Life. A Kind Man, who Made Christianity Understandable, for once. And a true Theologian, since he believes Things Understandable.

Monday, October 29, 2007

Thomas Berry, Geologian

"The primary sacrement is the "Universe" itself."

" []It's the mystique of the mountains and the birds, the sea -- it's what makes us sing. It's what makes our literature. Even though we have worked out a mechanics that is fairly helpful, it doesn't give us an interior world. The natural world gives us an interior world. It gives us a healing presence, a fulfilling presence. By the term `presence' I mean that indwelling quality that manifests itself throughout the natural world. We find this awesome presence in the sun and moon and stars in the heavens, in the mountains and seas of Earth, in the dawn and sunset, in the forests and meadows and wildlife. We are immersed in an ever-renewing wonder-world that evokes our music and dance, our poetry and literature as well as our philosophical reflection and our scientific inquiry. None of our industrial productions brings such inspiration as we obtain from these sources."

From an interview with Caroline Webb, Equinox 2004


Steven P. Barrett said...

Lady, you CAN'T be serious. This blog is as flakey as a bowl of cereal.

The hairy eye said...

steven, YOU can't be serious.
if you can't find wonder in the natural world then it is you who is flakey.

i think it quite refreshing Thomas Berry worshiped nature, something we should all get back to.